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Mindful success

I was thinking the other day about something I quite often say in the classroom.“Success breeds success”.It’s true that when we succeed at something, we are more likely to try it again and ultimately gain even more success. Though, on reflection, I realised that there is more to this.It is in fact, MINDFUL success that […]

The Technician and clinician

When teaching health practitioners new ways of treating or introducing new ways to work with patients, I’m often met with the following statement…“But my patients expect me to do XYZ, I don’t think they will be open to me working in that way”. It’s true, updating, changing, or shifting the way in which you manage […]

TMJ in clinical practice – Part 2

Welcome back to this series on the TMJ in clinical practice. My goal in this series is to introduce you to different factors in the assessment and treatment of TMJ related pain. Today I’d like to bring your awareness to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disc.Just like the discs in our spine, this disc exists to absorb […]

TMJ in clinical practice – Part 1

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction… Where do we start?! Such a small joint, but so much to understand and consider when assessing and treating this presentation. I hear from so many of you that the TMJ is just so complex and difficult to work with, and many people will simply refer on, not knowing how to approach it clinically. Not surprisingly really, […]

Don’t build something for sake of building it

In my travels I get the privilege of speaking to lots of clinicians from all over the world, and something that often comes up in conversation is their desire to build a big clinic with lots of practitioners.It makes sense of course… Building a large clinic with a broad offering is a great way to scale […]

The Danger in Confidence

I bet you can think of someone like this…It is the person who is so very confident in their ideas or opinions that they are incapable (or perhaps unwilling) to see that there may in fact be flaws in their perspective. Don’t get me wrong, confidence is a highly valuable character trait, and one that can serve […]

The wrong advice

Ok, picture this… True story. I was in a shoe shop a few days ago, and happened to overhear a conversation with one of the shop attendants (SA) and a customer (C). It went something like this. SA – Hi, how can I help you today.C – Hi, I’m visiting from New Zealand and wanted to drop […]

If it is working, go all in

Such simple advice, but why don’t we all follow it? Be it in the clinical setting, in business or in life, far too often we change course or try something new when the thing we were doing was already working so well for us. It’s easy to become led in a different direction when we are constantly […]

A Problem well stated is a problem half solved.

In my experience, often the best and fastest way to a solution is to first get clear about the “real” goal.I say “real” because the first stated goal or the one that seems most obvious is not always the true one. For example, a patient may say that they have come to see you because […]

Your back is not out!!!

Ok, this is potentially going to upset a few people… Mostly because what we are discussing today will go against some long held beliefs of many practitioners and their patients. The old “structural” model of understanding in relation to joint position and related pain is far too simplistic and lacking in understanding of modern pain […]

Running Injuries

It has got to be the simplest, most accessible, yet frustrating sport known to human-kind. Yep, running… You either love it or you hate it. For me, it was a deep passion for almost 20 years and now is something that I have learned to enjoy with a little more balance and perspective. In the early […]

Overservicing patients

Are you guilty of this❓ I’m likely to get a few people off side with this article, but it is something that needs to be shared.Overservicing our patients is a problem for so many reasons, and we can fall into this trap in a number of ways. Let’s firstly look at what it is, and […]

Do you take ownership?

Would you agree with this…? Assuming responsibility in any given situation can be a frightening proposition because that responsibility requires you to be accountable to the outcome being sought. What “taking ownership” means? For us in clinical practice, taking ownership means recognising that someone has literally come and placed their time, money and needs in your […]

Gaining trust

One factor in clinical practice that really isn’t given enough emphasis in training is TRUST. We focus heavily on the clinical sciences, critical decision making, treatment planning and delivery, but it can be too easy for the patient to be “left behind” in it all. It doesn’t take much digging to find research papers on […]