Course Repeat Application

As a commitment to ensuring participants in ACE courses are able to undertake high quality training, absorb the information and integrate their learning into their clinical practice, we (ACE) provide the opportunity for participants to repeat our courses for free.

There are specific requirements according to our Course Repeat Policy (please read) which participants must meet to be eligible to take up this offer.
As a free place on a course will potentially exclude another paying participant from using that place, and because ACE will bear additional financial costs related to that free place, and because we want to make sure that only participants who really need to re-attend are given access to the free spots, we choose to use this application process to determine where a free spot is provided.

The free course repeat option is quite popular and as such we can only offer 1 spot on each course for repeat attendees. This means applying early and providing adequate reasons for reattending are vital.
Our courses are regularly sold out, so we want to make sure everyone who really wants / needs to attend has the opportunity to do so.

If your application is not successful and if places are still available at that time, you also have the option to reattend by purchasing a ticket with a 20% discount on the current ticket fee. Please reply by email if you would like to take this option instead.