We can provide a payment plan option through a direct debit system which will break the price of the course up over the time period leading up the course. To ensure the student is not charged any additional administration or transaction fees, payment plans are charged at Standard Ticket price only so that we can absorb those costs. As such, the Early Bird Ticket price is not available on payment plans.

Payment plans must be a minimum of 4 weeks in length and must be paid out prior to the course date. Payment plans are typically 4 or 5 instalments of equal value (standard ticket cost divided by 4 or 5) and spaced out over the period of time leading up to the course date.
Payment plans can only be requested for courses that are a minimum of 5 weeks away from the time of the request, to allow for time to set up and action the plan.
If a payment plan is cancelled and you are eligible for a refund, $30 of the total refund will be retained to cover the administrative costs of setting up and cancelling the plan.

Please only request a payment plan if you are sure you wish to go ahead with it, as setting it up takes our Administrator time to do so.
To have a Payment Plan set up for you, please contact admin@advancedclinicaled.com