It is a policy of Advanced Clinical Education that eligible students can repeat any course they have previously paid for, at no cost. Our intention is always to ensure our students have a quality learning experience and get to access the knowledge and skills they seek.
To be eligible for a free repeat position, the student must have successfully completed any required pre-course learning as part of their first attendance at the course, and they must have attended the course in full on their first attempt.

If the course being reattended includes a pre-course learning program, it is expected that the student will successfully complete that program again, so that they can maximise the learning experience at the reattendance.

It is an expectation that any student undertaking the course with a free repeat ticket, will make regular attempts at completing any required online learning, and will also review any/all related course materials in the lead up to the course.

If a student is unsuccessful in demonstrating competence during their assessments in their first attempt at the ACE 3-day Dry Needling Course, they may be offered an opportunity to repeat the course again. This includes repeating all requirements as outlined above. If the student is deemed unsatisfactory on their second attempt, no additional repeat places will be offered. The student can elect to register for the course again at the full price.

If a student is permitted to reattend a course, it is also expected that they will attend for the entire course duration and participate in all components of the course. Failure to do so will result in the student forfeiting their ability to reattend an ACE course for free.

Repeat places will not be approved within 12 months of the original course attendance date. For students that are repeating the 3-day Dry Needling Course due to a failed assessment, a minimum of 6 months, and no more than 18 months, must have passed to allow adequate time for the student to properly revise the required course materials and prepare for a successful re-attempt at the course.

If a student is offered a free repeat place and cancels without a valid medical reason (with a medical certificate supplied) within 21 days of the course start date, they will forfeit their ability to repeat the course again for free.
Likewise, if a student with a free repeat place cancels their place in a given course, on more than one occasion, they will also forfeit their ability to repeat the course again for free in the future.

Advanced Clinical Education have an attendance cap on each course of 1 spot available for repeat attendees.
To repeat a course you must submit an application, which will then be assessed and a response provided. The application form can be accessed here.

*Please note: If your course repeat application is approved, you will have 5 days to register your place using the discount code provided, after which time the code will expire and you will no longer be eligible for the free repeat place for that course date/location.

If applying for a free repeat place on a course where the free repeat place has already been taken, you may request a place at a discount rate (20% off) if you have been approved to attend on a repeat place.

We ask that only students who have a genuine need to repeat the course, apply for one of these positions, so that they can be made available for students who need them most.

Free course repeats are not available for Anatomy Wet Labs, Conferences / Symposiums, Clinic In-Services, Webinars or Retreats.