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Things aren’t always what they seem

I’ve been reminded of this several times recently, and it has been a good reminder that what we perceive to be the case, is not always the reality.In the world of clinical practice, arriving at a point of mutual understanding and rapport with your patient is very important. This connection and mutual respect is key […]

The issue with the ‘root cause’

A patient comes to see you with a problem several therapists haven’t been able to solve…Pain and positive assessment findings popping up everywhere like wildfires…Treating a complaint and finding improvements, only to take two steps back before the next consult… Maybe you just haven’t found the root cause of the problem yet –or maybe pain […]

Zoom out and think deep

There is often so much focus on anatomy and structure in relation to pain, but let’s not forget about human physiology. Disruptions in homeostasis, may be the underlying mechanisms influencing a pain experience. We have 11 body systems and none of them can function independently.That’s right, muscles are not an independent system. Let’s go back to physiology […]

But why should they stay?

In business, there is a metric known as CAC – Customer Acquisition Cost. This dollar amount is the cost of convincing someone to buy your services.Many things can go into this cost, much of it is generally advertising and marketing dollars, and some may be the cost of humans answering phones, responding to questions and processing […]

The best exercise..

We could spend hours searching the internet for the “Best exercise for (insert pathology)”. Well, I will save you the time and tell you right now! The best exercise is… the one your patient enjoys! The key to getting people moving is finding out what they enjoy doing. The more they enjoy it, the more likely they […]

It’s okay to say you don’t know

In the manual therapy setting, we often have patients, other therapists, and even ourselves searching for answers to many questions – Why is this joint sore? What are the mechanisms of this intervention? Why did I wake up with a sore neck? What is going to be the best exercise for this pathology?The list goes on… […]