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A very important but overlooked skill… Feedback is what I am referring to. I believe that both giving and receiving feedback is a skill, and that skill takes practice. The word itself might increase anxiety levels when someone says  “let me give you some feedback”, it might automatically put you on the defensive. However, the implications […]

The Technician and clinician

When teaching health practitioners new ways of treating or introducing new ways to work with patients, I’m often met with the following statement…“But my patients expect me to do XYZ, I don’t think they will be open to me working in that way”. It’s true, updating, changing, or shifting the way in which you manage […]

Case study time..

Let’s tickle your dendrites, fire up your axons because this case study will get you more excited than an action potential. What comes to mind for you? Does your mind go completely blank? Do you panic? Or do you get a rush of possible differential diagnosis rushing to your head?  It might be easy to point the […]

How much is enough?

I always get asked the question, “How much is enough?” What I mean by this is treatment dosage.How long should you mobilise a joint for? What grade mobilisation should I use? How long should I leave a needle in for? How much stimulation should I use? How many repetitions should I prescribe? How many times should I […]

Are you staying up to date?

As clinicians it is important that we are always staying up to date with evidence based practices and terminology. One very commonly used label is “Sciatica” This diagnostic label dates back to Hippocrates who was allegedly, the first physician to use the term ‘sciatica’, deriving from the Greek ischios, hip. Many years later Galen treated sciatica by blood letting, […]

Stop Blaming Me!

So often in clinicians and patients blame an individual muscle or structure as the cause of pain.  How often do you hear (or even say) that it’s the Piriformis, Supraspinatus or the QL… Yes, I am sure if someone presents with pain in the buttock, shoulder or low back, these muscles may be tender to press on. […]