Commitment of mentoring?

The beauty of mentorship with ACE is the commitment of time and money is guided by you as a mentee. We will cater for all budgets and timeframes to get you quality education on your terms.

Want an example?

Blended Mentor Program Delivery

Time Commitment 5.5 hours of training over 8 weeks
Session Offered• 4 x 45 minute online workshop with mentor on prescribed topic
• 90 min webinar
• 60 minute in person training
• 2 x Note Taking Templates
• 5 x Research Papers
• Email Communication with Mentor
• ACE code for further training
Money Investment $775

How to start mentoring?

The hardest part is starting and committing. If you are interested in mentoring with ACE or just want to see if we are the right fit for you, we encourage you to book an Honesty Chat with our mentor manager.

Our Honesty Chats are free of charge and the first step to setting up your mentorship with ACE.

The first portion of the ACE mentor program is an honesty chat (call). It is sort of like drinks on a first date before you decide if you want to go for dinner.

During the honesty call we will discuss;

  • Who are you ?
  • Your day-to-day
  • What are you looking to improve?
  • Your current plans & processes in place (if needed)
  • Time frames
  • Budget
  • Expected results
  • Suggested Solutions

This call is complementary as we learn if we are the right fit for it as well. After your honesty call your mentor director will provide a quote for your individualised mentor program.