It is with mixed feelings of grief and joy that we at Advanced Clinical Education launch this very special scholarship program:

The Glen Gardner Scholarship

About Glen

Originally from Sydney NSW, Glen relocated to Melbourne, Victoria with his husband Daniel in 2010. 

After spending some 20 plus years working within the financial services industry, Glen found himself stressed, burnt out and struggling with his own back pain due to his corporate role. After seeing the benefits and lasting effects that manual therapy and movement had on his own pain management journey, as well as a strong passion and willingness to help others, Glen made the leap to begin studying his Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy at MIMT in 2017.  

Glen graduated on 7th May 2018 and true to his “all in” attitude he established his own business, Bodoc, the same month. 

Glen displayed a thirst for knowledge, a dedication to bettering his education and strived for a deeper understanding of the human body from the get go – which led him to ACE.

Glen’s Introduction to ACE

Towards the end of 2019 we received an email from Glen out of the blue to say he had been following ACE (and much of Shaun’s previous work) on social media for some time, loved what it was all about, and explained that he would like to sign up to EVERY course on offer, including the upcoming retreat to Thailand the following year.  

We were absolutely blown away that someone who had never attended an ACE course could put so much faith and commit to such a big investment without even meeting us first.  

Unfortunately, the pandemic hit the following year – however – as the lockdowns continued, Glen never wavered from his commitment or requested refunds on any courses he had purchased that were postponed month after month. Glen stuck with ACE from the beginning, showing his perseverance and unyielding loyalty.  

As of June 2022, he had successfully attended every single course he originally registered for back in 2019 (including the Manual Therapy Retreat in Thailand) – with his last being our Melbourne Joint Therapeutics course on 30th July, 2022.  

Sadly, Glen passed away unexpectedly and tragically on Sunday 9th October 2022.  

He possessed a radiant energy, a wicked sense of humour, a zest for life, consistent commitment to learning, and a passion for helping as many people around him as possible.  

It is our honour to present The Glen Gardner Scholarship program in his memory, in the hope that his legacy continues to help others.  

What does The Glen Gardner Scholarship include?

The Glen Gardner Scholarship will provide the successful applicant free lifetime access to the following: 

FREE enrolment/attendance to all of our current face to face courses and anatomy wet labs 

FREE enrolment to all upcoming webinars 

FREE access to our full suite of online webinar recordings AND online courses. 

Plus free access to any courses, webinars, or online courses that we add in the future.

What doesn’t The Glen Gardner Scholarship include?

The Glen Gardner Scholarship program does not include enrolment/attendance to:  

  • Manual Therapy Retreats 
  • Conferences 
  • Symposiums 
  • Events hosting international presenters 
  • Travel/accommodation costs incurred to attend our face-to-face courses.  
  • ACE Mentor program 


The successful applicant will: 

  • Have graduated from their qualification in the last 3 years and/or had a career change into this profession from another industry. 


  • Be a student practitioner within 3 months of graduating (min qualification Diploma).

Application Questions:

  1. What made you choose this profession? (300 words max)
  2. Who or what inspires you to do this “work”? (300 words max)
  3. What sort of health practitioner do you want to be? (300 words max)
  4. Give us 5 words that your friends / family would use to best describe you.  
  5. What would receiving this scholarship mean to you? (300 words max)

Applicants must also provide a 3-5 minute video telling us their story. Things to include are current place of study / work, how they came to be in the industry, activities they enjoy doing in their spare time, family members / friends, etc.  
We want to get to know WHO you are. 

The successful applicant will be awarded on 9th October every year.

Applications for The Glen Gardner Scholarship 2023 closed on 20th September. Please hit apply now if you wish to be included in the application process for 2024. 

Scholarship Conditions

The successful recipient agrees to abide by the T&C’s related to our cancellation policy.

i.e. The recipient will not cancel their attendance at a 1 or 2 day course any sooner than 1 week prior to the course, or in the case of a Dry Needling course, sooner than 2 weeks, without providing a medical certificate and a valid reason. Not abiding by the cancellation policy will result in the recipient forfeiting their eligibility to attend that course for free. 

Enrolment / attendance cannot be forfeited in exchange for monetary value.  

“Lifetime” is defined by the lifetime of the Advanced Clinical Education business while the sole owner is Shaun Robert Brewster. Succession of The Glen Gardner Scholarship is at the discretion of future owners / stakeholders of the business if / when a change of business ownership has taken place.