About Us

Advanced Clinical Education (ACE) originally set out to become the most trusted and respected source of quality post graduate education for health practitioners in the manual therapy professions. What followed has continued to blow us away every single day.

ACE is more than just a provider of professional development seminars, both face to face and online, it has evolved and grown into the leader in its field, with an endless array of resources and tools to better equip clinicians to serve their patients and get more satisfaction from the work they do.

What started as the brain-child of the founder Shaun Brewster, with the education programs led by Shaun and Bodine Ledden, has grown into a much bigger machine producing education and support for health practitioners across multiple countries. ACE is now owned and operated by husband and wife due Shaun and Gabrielle Brewster, with Gabrielle managing HR and finance, Bodine leading the education design and implementation, Elisa Kalliosalo driving promotions and media, plus a host of other team members filling key roles in the management and delivery of wide range of specialty programs and valuable offerings.

To us, ACE really is much more than a company designed to serve a need in the health community. It is a living example of what good intentions and hard work can manifest, and we are all so very grateful to be a part of something that gets to play a positive role in the working lives of so many.