Dry Needling Course

This course is designed to equip the manual Allied Health Practitioners with the skills, knowledge and confidence to utilise Myofascial Dry Needling in their clinical practice.

Participants will learn how to safely apply myofascial dry needling in a practical and interactive learning environment.
Using a logical and easy to learn approach to understanding this modality, ACE will help you develop the competence and confidence you need to begin using dry needling with your clients/patients immediately after completing the course.

Many other Dry Needling courses require you to complete a level 1 and 2 before you are suitably trained to practice. At ACE, we include everything you need in the one course so that you are ready to go upon completion.

In addition to being one of the most comprehensive dry needling courses available in Australia, it also meets the requirements of all industry association’s for training in this modality.

What do you get?

  •  The most up-to-date, evidence informed dry needling program available.
  • 24 hours of face-to-face practical training with expert supervision.
  • Comprehensive online Pre-Course learning program via our interactive online learning platform, with lifetime access.
  • Digital copy of the course notes.
  • One course covering all regions of the body – no need to complete separate levels to be able to incorporate needling into your practice.
  • A free 12 month subscription to the worlds leading 3D anatomy app with thousands of hours of educational content.
  • This course meets the required standards of all professional associations.
  • Lifetime access to the ACE Dry Needling video library, demonstrating all the techniques you’ll learn in the face to face workshop.
  • Lifetime support from the ACE team for any clinical related questions you may have.
  • Ability to repeat the course for revision in the future, AT NO COST! (some requirements apply)
  • Bonus educational Dry Needling materials including: Video interviews with leading experts from around the world, podcast recordings, webinars and more.
  • This course equals 80 nominal hours of training and meets the required standards of all professional associations.
  • Plus, free access to downloadable full text research articles about dry needling.

What do you need to have?

You should already be a qualified health practitioner. The minimum qualification accepted for safety and insurance purposes is a Diploma of Remedial Massage.
If you are a Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Myotherapist, Remedial Massage Therapist, Soft Tissue Therapist, Sports Therapist, Chiropractor, Exercise Physiologist or a Doctor, you are welcome to attend.

We can also create tailored Dry Needling programs for Podiatrists, Dentists, Hand Therapists and other groups with special interests. Just contact us for more details.

If you are unsure if your current qualification is adequate to attend this course, please contact us at admin@advancedclinicaled.com for further clarification.

Take a look inside an ACE Dry Needling Course in the video below.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Hand Therapy Dry Needling course is specifically tailored to the Hand Therapist or Upper Limb Specialists who have not undertaken dry needling before. Practitioners who are NOT Hand Therapists or Upper Limb Specialists must first undertake our 3-day Dry Needling Course (or any other introductory dry needling course, satisfying professional association’s and insurance company’s minimum training requirement for dry needing).

The Neck and Upper Limb Dry Needling course is a specialist dry needling course. This course has a pre-requisite of an introductory dry needling course such as our 3-day Dry Needling Course. This course covers advanced skills and concepts for upper limb and cervical musculoskeletal pain disorders.

No. The 3-day Dry Needling Course (or any other introductory dry needling course, satisfying professional associations minimum training requirement for dry needing) is a pre-requisite to attend our Refresher Dry Needling Course and other specialist courses.

The minimum level of training is a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy, which is a one-year full time course.

Yes, however this training must meet required standards of training in human anatomy and physiology. Qualifications that do not comprehensively cover musculoskeletal anatomy will not be accepted. Please enquire if you are unsure. You will also need to ensure that you can be insured to practice dry needling after the course, with your current qualification.

The only people attending the course will be health practitioners. In the case of a fear of needles or heightened sensitivity, we will do our best to group you in a group of three so you will receive less needling but still have an opportunity to practice. It is an important part of the learning experience to at least have some areas of your body needled to gain a better appreciation of the sensation experienced by your patients. It is always advised to notify an ACE trainer prior to the start of the course about any sensitivities, conditions or concerns.

You will start with the 3-day Dry Needling Course. This course covers comprehensive anatomy, trigger point pathophysiology, safety and needling application for all regions of the body. This course meets the requirements of all professional associations for dry needling.

Yes, you will first need to attend the 3-day Dry Needling Course.

The pre-course learning material is a requirement for ALL attendees. It forms an important and highly valuable component of the course.

Not all courses have pre-course learning material. The courses that have pre-course learning material use a blended learning approach to ensure the key underpinning knowledge is covered prior to the course so we can maximise the time in the practical workshop. The pre-course learning material will ensure that you are well prepared for the workshop.

No, you must attend the entire course to receive your certificate of completion and to be considered a safe and effective practitioner.

No, you do not need to attend all courses. The minimum requirement is the 3-day Dry Needling Course. This will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to apply dry needling in clinical practice. Our specialist dry needling courses are optional when you feel like you need to upskill and refine your skills.

It is not uncommon to be nervous. Dry needling can seem a little bit intimidating, but we can assure you that you will be guided and supported through the course with detailed discussions about the anatomy, detailed demonstrations, and support from our educators.

Anatomy is a big focus in the course. The pre-course learning material provides detailed 3D anatomy videos to ensure your anatomy is up to standard. The anatomy will again be discussed prior to each demonstration. You will also have access to the complete anatomy app in the classroom to review your anatomy. If you are still unsure, you can ask one of our educators for additional assistance.

Yes, you will be assessed in our 3-day Dry Needling Course. This is to ensure that you will be a safe and competent dry needler in clinical practice. During the course there will be a practice assessment, to get you familiar with the process and it is used as an opportunity to learn. In the second half of the course, you will be asked to needle numerous muscles and you will also be asked verbal questions to check your understanding of anatomy and safety.

If you are deemed not yet competent in the dry needling course at the end of the 3 days (but you have completed all the other course requirements), you will be given the opportunity to repeat the course at no extra cost. You will be required to complete all pre-course material again and attend the full 3-day workshop again. This is to ensure you have time to review the course material and gain more practice time under the supervision of the ACE Team to ensure confidence, competence, and safety.

You have lifetime access to course material including the post-course video library.

The video library is FREE for anyone who has completed our 3-day Dry Needling Course. This is a valuable resource that allows you to revise all techniques covered in the course. You will receive lifetime access to this library upon the successful completion of the course.

We have a course repeat policy HERE. You can apply to repeat the course completely free. This is our guarantee to ensure you feel safe and confident with your dry needling practice.

ACE currently has 8 dry needling courses on offer. We pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive, evidence informed dry needling courses. Our educators are highly experienced, passionate and personable to ensure you get the best learning experience. Our student support and the additional value in our courses is second to none.

Yes, we do. Please email admin@advancedclinicaled.com for more information.

Yes, we do. Please email admin@advancedclinicaled.com for more information.

Yes, you can attend the course. It is advised that you first contact your insurance provider to check that you will be covered to perform dry needling in clinical practice.

The 3-day Dry Needling course is an 80-hour course that meets the requirements of all professional associations. Associations, however, do reserve the right to change their requirements for dry needling courses. So, it may be useful to check with your association prior to registering.

Please see our Cancellation Policy HERE.

Yes, you can attend any of our specialist courses providing that your initial dry needling training meets the minimum required standards set by your professional association.

The 3-day Dry Needling course will give you a lot of confidence using dry needling for all regions of the body. You can also apply for the TRY ACE POLICY that gives you 50% off this course, should your application be successful.

The other option is our Refresher Dry Needling course. This 1-day course will cover key areas commonly used in clinical practice and provide you with an update on key concepts relevant to dry needling.

Each professional association has their own policy on how they allocate CPE / CPD points. It is best to check with them directly. Generally speaking, it is one point per hour of the course.

Our 3-day course is 80 nominal hours which includes 24 hours of face-to-face learning. This information will be useful when speaking to your association.