Such simple advice, but why don’t we all follow it?

Be it in the clinical setting, in business or in life, far too often we change course or try something new when the thing we were doing was already working so well for us.

It’s easy to become led in a different direction when we are constantly receiving information, advice and propaganda from a never ending list of sources.

But if we can take a moment to reflect on what we are doing that is already getting us great results, it can lead to the right decision of doubling down on exactly that.

For example, if you are treating a client and they are getting good results from a particular treatment method, then unless those results begin to falter, it make sense that you should keep it going.

🔹 If in business you are finding that posting content on your Instagram feed is helping generate new clients, then why not double or triple your creative output in that space.

Sometimes the best way to market your business is to do one thing, but do that one thing REALLY WELL.

🔹 It’s no different with you health. If you eat well and exercise regularly, you’ll look and feel great.

Want to look and feel even better…? Then eat better and exercise even more.

It’s not rocket surgery….

🧠 The unfortunate problem with our dysfunctional human brains is that we are always looking for the short cut, the simpler way, or the new shiny thing.

The truth is that the things that work, are the things that we should keep doing and do EVEN MORE when we want bigger results❗️

▶️ Do your clients respond positively when you personally call them after a treatment to see how they are feeling❓
✅ If yes, then you should call every single one of them and show genuine interest.

▶️ Does your business benefit when you respond faster to emails and phone calls❓
✅ If yes, then you should make this a major priority above other tasks.

My advice is to become obsessive about what works well for you in every facet of your life. Then to become tunnel vision focused on working out how you can do more of that, more often and on a larger scale.

Your’s in health,
Shaun Brewster.

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