Neuro Assessment Course

The two-day Neuro Assessment course provides the manual therapist or exercise professional with an in-depth understanding and the practical skills to perform a range of neurological assessment procedures.

The nervous system can be a complex and intimidating system to understand and work with, but it is critical for effective assessment and treatment planning.

This Neuro Assessment course will guide participants through the structure and function of the peripheral nervous system in a hands-on manner, along with neurological assessment procedures such as sensory and motor testing, reflex testing and neurodynamic testing and treatment.

In addition to developing these skills, participants will gain an understanding of what these assessment findings mean and what we as practitioners can do with that information in the clinical setting.

Pre-course materials will equip beginners and advanced therapists with a foundational understanding of the nervous system, and the two-day practical training will bring the theory to life and make it easy to apply in the clinical setting.