Why To Do Mentoring?

We 100% get it. We have all been there. A tricky client ? New research? Or you just need the support in bouncing around ideas, thoughts and options. This is where mentoring shines brightly.


  1. the guidance provided by a mentor, especially an experienced person in a company or educational institution.

Mentoring is the opportunity to seek advice and guidance towards topics that need refreshing or investigating. It allows you to always have a support team at your game to hold you accountable for your development and growth.

Mentoring is here to provide you guidance on;

  1. Business Structure
  2. Manual Techniques
  3. Dry Needling Techniques
  4. Navigation of Sole Traders
  5. Research Development
  6. Exercise Prescription
  7. Case Studies
  8. Note taking
  9. Clinic Set Up
  10. Staff Management
  11. Accounting

However, the bonus of ACE mentoring is, YOU choose the focus.

How does ACE do Mentoring ?

We aren’t here to deliver a 12 week program on the foundations skills of clinic management, or a set number of weeks on anything in fact. ACE has redesigned mentoring into a format that allows maximum learning, affordable costing and easy accessibility.

At ACE we individually program each mentorship to suit your needs. You won’t have to cover the basics if you are past that, and if the basics is what you need, we can deliver.

Our mentor programs are thoroughly planned after your initial intake session with a mentor. They help you discover where your strengths are whilst also highlighting the areas of development and mentorship.

Then we work together on planning a program that suits your time and wallet.

What you’re NOT getting at ACE?

We know exactly who we are and know that this isn’t everyone’s flavor. ACE is about real learning, real development and real work. We want to be up front with mentee’s that we will not;

  1. Be your woo girl / boy
  2. Do the work for you
  3. Have unrealistic expectations
  4. Provide impractical solutions
  5. Design one size fits all programs

Blunt ? We know. However, at ACE we think true development comes when you learn to do, whilst actually doing the work.

“I’ve been able to push my boundaries around treatment plans with my clients. Last week I actually booked out 3 weeks of treatments with one of my clients, based on the discussions I’ve had.”

“My rebooking rate has gone up drastically since we started.

My session was great, probably too good as now I don’t feel like I have any questions to warrant further sessions at the moment!