Event Description

This will be ACE’s 7th Manual Therapy Retreat, and in 2025 we are taking you to paradise!

The ACE Manual Therapy Retreat in the GREEK ISLANDS will be an experience not to be missed.

What a special experience to get your professional development and have a tax deductible holiday, in one of the most iconic and stunning destinations in the world.

The ACE Retreats are a mix of clinically relevant workshops, networking with likeminded health practitioners, amazing food, adventure and fun in incredible locations.

As with all of ACE’s Manual Therapy Retreats, you can expect a variety of workshop topics that will cater for everyone, regardless of your interests, experience or specialty. We always bring new and different workshop content to our Retreats that you won’t find in our standard workshops and seminars.

Prepare to spend 7 luxurious nights in this picturesque part of the world, with the perfect mix of learning, relaxing, exploring and indulging in everything that the Greek Islands have to offer.

You will have ample time to explore the region, soak up the culture and sunshine, and make memories that you’ll take with you forever.

Our 2025 Manual Therapy Retreat will be located in picture perfect Santorini!

Part of the Cyclades island group, Santorini (officially known as Thira) is famous for its breathtaking sunsets and crystal clear waters rippling over the Caldera. With its whitewashed houses, blue-domed churches and never-ending vineyards, Santorini is Greece at its traditional best.

Black shining pebbles, unique land formations and black, white and red sands come together to create unforgettable scenery. As evening approaches, people flock to the beautiful town of Oia to watch the brilliant sun sink beneath the shimmering Aegean Sea.

We have chosen the EL GRECO RESORT to host our 2025 Manual Therapy Retreat. El Greco Resort is the biggest hotel on the island and is located just south of Santorini’s magnificent capital, Fira.

This stunning resort boasts an adult only spa centre, 5 outdoor swimming pools, 1 indoor pool, a pool bar, as well as 2 restaurants and a gym.

El Greco is located within 10-minutes walking distance to Fira, Santorini’s capital. Fira is a vibrant town, full of life, delicious food and stunning caldera views.

Workshop Topics and Descriptions

WORKSHOP 1: Developing Efficiency for Distance Running: A Practical Approach.

DATE/TIME: Monday 5th May, 2025 @ 6:00am   DURATION: 1 hour

Running is possibly one of the most natural forms of exercise, yet so many of us struggle to find a way to do it comfortably and efficiently.
This workshop will provide simple and easy to adopt skills that will allow you to decrease running related pain and injury, while increasing the ease at which you or your patients can run longer and more comfortably.
This session will involve the practicing of a range of running techniques, but you do not need to be an experienced runner to participate.

WORKSHOP 2: Deconstructing Myths in Manual Therapy: An Updated Perspective for Practice.

DATE/TIME: Monday 5th May, 2025 @ 9:00am   DURATION: 1 hour

This presentation will aim to discuss and deconstruct many myths and misconceptions in manual therapy. This will challenge your thoughts and ideas about what we do in clinical practice and how our understanding has evolved over time. The focus will be to provide a contemporary view of manual therapy that are based on solid clinical reasoning and current science, while discussing gaps in understanding and research.

WORKSHOP 3: From Injury to Sport Performance: Rehabilitation Strategies for the Ankle.

DATE/TIME: Monday 5th May, 2025 @ 10:00am   DURATION: 3 hours

This workshop will provide a clinical perspective on how to manage acute ankle injuries from onset through to return to sport and beyond. This workshop will focus on physical assessments and structuring progressive rehabilitation to aid in the return to sport or return to normal functional activity.

WORKSHOP 4: Deconstructing the Deadlift.

DATE/TIME: Tuesday 6th May, 2025 @ 6:00am   DURATION: 1 hour

The deadlift… Is it the greatest strength exercise one can do, or is it risky business? This practical workshop will break down the deadlift technique and aims to provide practical strategies to restore safety and confidence in lifting heavy weights.

WORKSHOP 5: Assessment of Acute Knee Injuries.

DATE/TIME: Tuesday 6th May, 2025 @ 9:00am   DURATION: 2 hours

Participants will be guided through a practical workshop focusing on the anatomy of the knee and using this understanding to perform a physical assessment for acute type injuries. Developing a structured screening process, will allow participants to more efficiently, and effectively, identify injury and triage or manage as appropriate.

WORKSHOP 6: The Stiff and Painful Shoulder.

DATE/TIME: Tuesday 6th May, 2025 @ 11:00am   DURATION: 2 hours

This workshop integrates physical assessment with manual therapy treatment to progressively restore pain free function in the shoulder. Participants will be guided through a common-sense approach to assessment while integrating of a range of passive and active joint mobilisation techniques.

WORKSHOP 7: Manual Interventions for the Lymphatic System.

DATE/TIME: Thursday 8th May, 2025 @ 9:00am   DURATION: 2 hours

Participants will be guided through the foundational science and a range of manual lymphatic drainage techniques, for a range of different presentations. The practical workshop will provide participants with the foundational skills to use novel MLD approaches in clinical practice. 

WORKSHOP 8: Examining the Cervical Spine Anatomy: A Practical Focus.

DATE/TIME: Thursday 8th May, 2025 @ 11:00am   DURATION: 2 hours

In this practical workshop, participants will be exploring the complex anatomy of the cervical spine. The focus of this workshop will be to zoom in using 3D anatomy technology to improve your anatomical understanding and apply this understanding to manual palpation. This will include considering the gross musculoskeletal anatomy and the major neural and vascular structures, we will then aim to peel back the layers and examine the anatomy of cervical spine joints and their movements.

WORKSHOP 9: Mindfulness Strategies for Clinical Practice.

DATE/TIME: Friday 9th May, 2025 @ 8:30am   DURATION: 1 hour

The connection between mental health and physical health is now a well-established and well researched topic. As Manual Therapists, having some practical skills to help patients with managing stress, developing focus and improving clarity of thought can be a true asset in clinical practice. In this session, participants will use an experiential approach to understanding and developing their ability to use mindfulness to support their patient’s goals.

Additional Sessions


DATE/TIME: Sunday 4th May, 2025 @ 4pm   DURATION: 1 hour

A fun and engaging team exercise to test your brain and make new friends.

Q&A Panel: Business

DATE/TIME: Tuesday 6th May, 2025 @ 5pm   DURATION: 1.5 hours

This session will be an open, relaxed discussion with the group, and is your chance to fire your questions at the ACE Team and draw on decades of experience in business. Whether you’re a business owner yourself, looking to start your own business, or looking for strategies to improve and grow your business, this panel is for you.

Q&A Panel: Clinical Content

DATE/TIME: Thursday 8th May, 2025 @ 5pm   DURATION: 1.5 hours

This session will be an open, relaxed discussion with the group, and is your chance to fire your questions at the ACE Team for any and all topics relevant to clinical practice. Got a patient that is an absolute head-scratcher? Have a case study you want discussed? Want clarification on a topic raised in a recent workshop or webinar? Or simply want a different perspective or opinion on a clinical presentation? This Q&A is for you.

In addition to the scheduled workshops from ACE, plus the endless options of things to do in your free time, we have also arranged some fun activities for our Retreat Attendees to do as a group. These are always part of what make the best memories from our Retreats.
No matter if you are attending as an individual, with a partner or friend, a work colleague or the whole family, we will make sure you have a fantastic time, learn lots, make amazing new friends and also feel like you had a great holiday.

The Manual Therapy Retreat has become a much talked about event. This will be the seventh retreat produced by Gabrielle and Shaun Brewster and the hugely talented ACE Team.

PAYMENT PLANS ARE AVAILABLE! Please see page 14 of our Greek Islands Manual Therapy Retreat Brochure for instalment amounts and refer to our Payment Plan Policy for terms. To request a payment plan, please email admin@advancedclinicaled.com


Saturday 3rd May to Saturday 10th May, 2025


Standard Room = $5,050.00

Superior Room = $5,450.00

Standard Double Room: bring a plus one = $5,400.00

Superior Double Room: bring a plus one = $5,800.00

Standard Double Room: shared with another retreat attendee = $3,800.00

Superior Double Room: shared with another retreat attendee = $4,000.00

Standard Triple Room: bring plus two = $6,350.00

Superior Triple Room: bring plus two = $6,750.00

Superior Triple Room – shared with 2 other retreat attendees = $3,700.00

*Payment Plans are available! Please see our Greek Islands Manual Therapy Retreat 2025 Brochure for more info, as well as ticket type descriptions and inclusions. 

What’s Included

  • 7 night’s accommodation at the stunning El Greco Resort in Santorini.
  • 20+ hours of professional development (includes additional online learning resources) run by ACE’s Education Team
  • 2 hour Welcome Cocktail Party (all-inclusive)
  • Retreat Farewell dinner (all-inclusive) at a local restaurant in Kamari Beach
  • American style buffet breakfast every morning
  • Morning tea & continuous tea/coffee on workshop days
  • Learning resources & certificate of completion
  • Transfer to and from resort from ferry port/airport
  • Fun group activities
  • Retreat Olympics
  • Retreat t-shirt
  • Memories & new friendships that will last a lifetime!

What’s Not Included

The following services are not included in the ticket price:

  • Flights/travel to/from Greek Islands
  • Travel Insurance (attendees are strongly advised to purchase their own)
  • Meals not listed as part of the Retreat
  • Activities not listed as part of the Retreat
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services
  • Spa services at El Greco
  • Environmental tax charged upon check-out at El Greco ($7 EURO per room, per night)


Shaun Brewster

Musculoskeletal Therapist, Exercise Physiologist
Founder and Executive Director – ACE
25+ years in clinical practice and education

Bodine Ledden

Soft Tissue Therapist, Master of Educational Neuroscience
Director of Education – ACE
Highly experienced clinician and educator

Dalton Yates

Remedial Massage Therapist
Assistant Educator & Student Support – ACE

Amanda Kilminster

Remedial Massage Therapist
Assistant Educator – ACE

Retreat Co-ordinator

Gabrielle Brewster

Director of Finance and Human Resources – ACE


Event Support

Elisa Kalliosalo

Executive Assistant & Marketing Manager – ACE

Nick Kilminster

Activities Co-Ordinator – ACE

Retreat Information Resources