Clinical Taping Course

Clinical Taping is a highly practical course that is aimed at the manual therapist, sports trainers and exercise professionals. It will equip the clinician with an understanding of the principles and application of taping for a range of different presentations. We will explore how we can apply taping principles in combination with our understanding of anatomy and clinical reasoning to achieve enhanced therapeutic outcomes.

This course will provide you with skills for providing joint stability post injury, de-loading vulnerable or painful structures, facilitate biomechanical correction and provide a window of opportunity to reduce your patient’s pain and restore function. This course will cover taping for acute and overuse injuries, biomechanical and musculoskeletal dysfunction, postural dysfunction, myofascial taping, lymphatic taping, and neural taping.

Clinical taping is a great addition to your skill set. Based on the concepts of taping and your knowledge of anatomy and mechanisms of injury you will be able to apply a range of techniques to help anyone from the general population suffering chronic pain through to improving return to play times from acute injuries in the athletic population.