Sebastian Stief

Sebastian Studied Physiotherapy in Germany before relocating to Perth where he currently lives and operates a private practice. Along the way, Seb has also training in a wide variety of other modalities.
Sebs’ passion for educating and teaching people was established while working in a German hospital, teaching Physiotherapy students and helping them along their way. His passion lies deeply in helping to develop and educate new health professionals, as well as his clients to help them become the best version of themselves. The fact that we never stop learning and becoming a better human, as well as a therapist, is a gift that we have to appreciate and cherish every day.

Seb makes a great addition to our ACE team with a passion for knowledge and education. In his time off Seb enjoys traveling around the world, nature, going on hikes, a love for Martial Arts and nutrition as well as exercises to keep fit.

“ I remember the first time teaching a small group of students in the Hospital about Maitland spinal mobilisations techniques and I will never forget how happy that made me feel seeing them learn while having fun and applying the techniques, getting some amazing feedback from the patient as well as the students, and how much they loved my approach. I can honestly say that day changed my life, and this is why my passion is to educate great people and leave a footprint on their journey inspires me so much”.