Erin Baker

Erin is a Myotherapist, an Educator, Pilates Instructor, and Co-CEO of the Myotherapy Association. Erin is also the editor of our industry journal ACE Journal. Erin holds a Bachelor of Health Science (musculoskeletal therapy), a post graduate certificate in clinical rehabilitation, certificate IV in Pilates, a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology, Classics & Archaeology) and a Diploma of Music. Erin’s special interest is working with performing artists, she believes that performance medicine is as important as sports medicine and that all performs are athletes in their own right. This view and with her background in rehabilitation and movement Erin enjoys combining her hands on myotherapy skills with pilates, movement and strength.

Erin brings an eye for detail, a love for curiousity and contemplation. When in the classroom Erin enjoys supporting the learning process and helping people rise to the challenge that learning so often presents.

When Erin takes off her many work hats she enjoys tending to her ever expanding garden, going to the gym, walking her sausage dog and cooking something fabulous in her kitchen at home.

“I love helping people learn, I love watching people grow as they learn and seeing their world expand and multiply and become bigger than they had possibly imaged. That’s where new and creative thoughts lie in wait. It is also just around the corner from ‘I know nothing at all’. The rollercoaster of learning is real and we’re all on it together.”