Elisa Kalliosalo

Elisa is ACE’s Executive Assistant and Administrative Support, plus a wizz at promotions and design.

Born and raised in Lapland Finland, Elisa started out in Hairdressing, retail and visual merchandising, before deciding to chase a different dream as an international traveller. Her travels saw her spend quite a bit of time in South East Asia, Australia and Finland. Eventually she found her home in beautiful Perth.
After settling in Australia, Elisa began further studies in Leadership and Management, and also Business. The skills and knowledge she acquired from these courses gets put to very good use in her role with ACE. Elisa is the glue that keeps Shaun and Bo organised and on track with the endless number of projects that ACE manages every day.

Outside of her professional activities, Elisa enjoys the gym, outdoors, spending time at the beach and keeping a healthy and balanced lifestyle.