Mr Brad Hiskins

Brad had the great fortune of working at the Australian Institute of Sport for 11 years in the Physical Therapies department. During this time he was afforded the opportunity to travel internationally and nationally with numerous sports and work with some of the most skilled and experienced clinicians Australia has to offer. Brad ran the post graduate program for Soft Tissue Therapy at the AIS for 10 years.

“Having mentors enabled my career. Being a mentor enriched my career. I continue mentoring to this day”.

Brad provided service at five Olympic games (Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London). He was elected the head of service for the Athens and Beijing games for Soft Tissue Therapy. Brad was also the head of service for both the Manchester and Melbourne Commonwealth Games.
He taught at CIT in the Health Science department – neural pathologies, assessment and treatment strategies. Travelled and taught workshops both nationally and internationally on postural injuries, nerve assessment and treatment and tissue tension techniques.

Brad is currently the owner, Director and a clinician at Clinic 88, a rehab clinic in Canberra with four premises. The clinic consists of Exercise Rehab therapists (Exercise Physiologists), Soft Tissue Therapists, Pilates instructors and Strength and Conditioning.
Brad has written and published over 50 articles (nationally and internationally) on physical therapies as well as the sports medicine team make up and dynamics. He strongly believes in an integrated approach to the sports medicine team, with a none hierarchical approach to the personal involved.

Brad graduated from Melbourne University with a Science Degree before completing his Diploma of Health (Remedial Massage) at the Southern School of Natural Therapies. He then upgraded to and Advanced Diploma of Health Science at CIT (Soft Tissue Therapist).